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From all Spanish wine regions, we crave all types of vino from throughout the Spanish speaking countries, and it’s our mission to bring these wines to you. That’s why we’ve created this online wine boutique. We’re your source for learning more about these unique wines and to give you the ability to purchase Spanish wine from around the world, whether you’re looking for wines from Spain, Chile, Argentina or Mexico. 


Vino Es Vida is dedicated to helping you in your journey to learn more about the world of Spanish wine. The founders of Vino Es Vida have a tremendous amount of love for wine as well as for Spanish culture. Having been in the wine industry for over 10 years, and having a Spanish heritage, Vino Es Vida is a passion project that means the world to us! 

Are you ready to sample some of the best Spanish wine the world has to offer?

We invite you to sample some truly incredible vino! Whether you want to try some fantastic wine of Spain, taste the wine of Chile, experiment with the delicious wine of Argentina, or you are ready to dive into the wines of Mexico, there are some truly amazing options out there. We are thrilled to bring you delectable wines from some of the best growers, well-known vintners and family producers. Let us guide you through the process of trying them all. 

"You’ll realize that behind every bottle of wine there is an unique vineyard where the grapes are meticulously cultivated with an artisan winemaker who passionately develops the wine to its distinguished tasting notes for you to enjoy."


Salomé Hopkins


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