1100% Tempranillo. Aged 14 months in American oak barrels, then bottle for a minimus of 6 months. Created in 1987 by Eduardo Gómez and María Isabel Bernardo in Rioja Alavesa. They both studied abroad and brought back to La Rioja new ways of making wine aside of the crianza, reserva and gran reserva standards. Their Belezos wines, one of the first Riojas to get organic certification, is a good example of their ideas.

Bodega Zugober Belezos Crianza 2016 Rioja, Spain

  • Winery: Bodega Zugober

    Wine: Belezos

    Region: Rioja

    Country: Spain

    Style: Red

    Varietal: Tempranillo Red

    Vint. Age: 2016

    Size: 750ML


  • Color: Medium Ruby 

    Nose:  Black fruit, currants and raisin grapes, melted with the aromas typical of aging in oak. 

    Palate: The maturity of the tannins stand out, a full bodied and concentration of ripe black fruit with hints of vanilla.

    Food Pairing: This wine pairs very well with red meat as beef ad lamb, hard cheese, and exotic and aromatic spice food.