The Crémant de Bourgogne rosé is made from a blend of 70% Pinot
Noir, 10% Chardonnay and 20% Gamay. 

The vinification of the base wine for the production of this sparkling wine is identical to that of a classic rosé wine. A delicate pressing extracts very pure juices. The colour is obtained by adding the maximum permitted proportion of the Gamay grape variety, which is pressed slowly. The second fermentation in bottle lasts about 6 months. During this period of secondary fermentation, known as the "prise de mousse", carbon dioxide is dissolved in the wine and a deposit builds up in the bottle. The new crémant is stored for at least 13 months before “disgorging”, but it can be for as long as 20-24 months. After "remuage" to collect the deposits caused by the fermentation in the neck of the bottle, we start the disgorging process which involves ejecting the impurities from the bottle, and then adding the "liqueur d'expédition", followed by the final cork and the protective wirecap. Our crémants owe their freshness to the frequency of disgorging operations, which we carry out once a month in the run up to their release for shipment.

Les Vignerons de Mancey, Cremant de Bourgogne "Brut Rose"