Luli represents a partnership formed by Sara Floyd and the Pisoni Family. Sara Floyd is a Master Sommelier with many years of food and wine experience. The Pisoni Family is known for their eponymous vineyard in the Santa Lucia Highlands and for Pisoni Estate and Lucia wines. Deciding they would make a great partnership and noting the shortage of handcrafted wines at reasonable prices, they set out to create a new line of wines for this niche. To achieve this, Floyd and the Pisoni Family focus on purchasing grapes from multiple vineyards in the Santa Lucia Highlands and the greater Monterey County— California coastal regions excellent for growing coolclimate grapes.

Luli Sauvignon Blanc, California 2020

  • Winery: Luli 

    Wine: luli Sauvignon Blanc 

    Region:  Arroyo Seco, California 

    Country: USA

    Style:  White


    Vint. Age:  2020

    Size: 750ML

    ABV:  %

  • Color: 



    Food pairing: