The House of Romariz was founded in 1850 by Manoel Rocha Romariz. The brand Romariz was always recognized as having high quality Port wines. In the beginning, Romariz´ main markets were the domestic market, Brazil, the Portuguese Colonies and England. In 1966, the Romariz family retired from the business and sold the brand to Guimaraens & Cª. At the end of the eighties, a British Group bought Romariz which has been developing this prestigious brand and conquering new markets.

Aged in oak casks for several years, Reserva Latina is a wine rich in aromas that is best recommended for the end of a meal, with desserts or coffee. It is a Tawny Port in style, made from a selection of different port wines blended with the uppermost care. The final wine is a complex, but, at the same time, very approachable Port. Several tastings have confirmed that the experienced port wine consumer appreciates the unique and special qualities of Reserva Latina, considering it as a high-quality Port.

Romariz, Reserva Latina Tawny Port NV

  • Winery: Romariz 

    Wine: Reserva Latina 

    Region: Porto

    Country: Portugal 

    Style: Port 

    Varietal: Blend

    Vint. Age: NA

    Size: 750ML

    ABV: 20%