What kind of wine experiences are available from Vino Es Vida? 

You may be surprised by just how many varieties of wine we feature. We have wines from Europe to the New World and well into South America. There is an abundance of choices available, and the possibilities are fascinating.



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Tres Vinos Club will introduce you to three wines every month coming from well-known wine regions in the world. You will be learning about their wine country, winery, winemaking, tasting notes and food pairing; this is a fun way to learn about wines!


The fine wine selection is seasonal and from authentic vineyards around the world. Plus, you can tailor your own wine styles by choosing: "White", "Red"  or "Mix". More Details

  • Three wines each month for $44.98
    (free delivery in Los Angeles, CA)

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Subscribe to our wine club and get 3 bonus bottles with your first shipment!
* Minimum three months subscription.